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Retaining Walls

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Retaining walls play an important role in your property’s appearance, value, and performance. A retaining wall serves to keep soil and other landscaping in place, which prevents shifting, sliding, and loss due to gravity, weather, and settling. Seminole Masonry, LLC is a turnkey hardscape construction company dedicated to providing high-quality paving, hardscaping, masonry, and retaining wall installation. We can help you with every step of the way, from retaining wall design to the final placement of retaining wall blocks near Orlando, FL, for a functional and beautiful property.

Designing Your Retaining Wall

Retaining walls fill an important function, but they can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping and your yard. Your retaining wall design should complement your home or office exterior, as well as fit in with the look of your existing outdoor spaces.

  • Before you consider aesthetics, you will need to first ensure your retaining wall serves its intended purpose. Your hard scrapers will examine the slope and condition of your property, as well as any landscaping or other features you plan to add, to design a retaining wall that will effectively keep the soil of your property in place and allow adequate drainage of rainwater and snow runoff.
  • Once the functional design of your retaining wall is complete, consider how you want it to fit in with your existing yard, landscaping, and building. Retaining walls can double as planters, landscaping beds, benches, steps, or even as part of an outdoor living space such as a patio, deck, or kitchen.
  • The look of your retaining wall should also complement the look of your home or office’s exterior. A retaining wall can be built from a variety of materials and in any style imaginable to mesh with your property’s other architectural and decorative features.

The Importance of a Professionally Built Retaining Wall

An effective retaining wall will keep the soil in your yard stable over time, while also continuing to maintain its outward appearance. The most common reasons that retaining walls fail is poor design and installation—this is why professional design and placement are so important when installing a retaining wall on your property. Professional retaining wall installation is also faster and easier than attempting to undertake this difficult and large-scale task on your own. Working with experienced hard scrapers means you can enjoy a smaller, shorter, disruption to your everyday schedule and a stable, long-lasting, and appealing retaining wall that will serve your property well for years to come.

At Seminole Masonry, LLC, we can help you design and install the perfect stone, masonry, precast cement, or concrete retaining wall in Orlando, FL. You can reach us for more information about our services at (407) 971-2464.

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